7 Things To Know When Preparing To Sell Your Home

7 Things To Know When Preparing To Sell Your Home

It's no secret that selling a home is a hugely meaningful journey that requires careful consideration and preparation. To ensure the best chances of a successful and highly profitable sale, first-time home sellers should focus on making their homes look amazing, marketing effectively, setting the right list price, and other factors. With the proper preparation in place, you can attract prospective buyers and earn the highest price. Read on for more.

Distinguish yourself from the rest

1. Conducting repairs

Any repairs you have been putting off, however minor, are worth addressing before listing your home. These include leaky faucets, burnt-out light bulbs, cracked tiles, and damaged walls. When combined, these little issues can engender a negative impression and encourage concerns about your home's overall condition. Attending to any repairs or restorations before listing shows that the house is well-maintained and prepared for new ownership. Repairing a home raises its perceived value and raises the case for an optimal selling price during negotiations.

2. Strive for curb appeal

It is difficult to overstate how critical first impressions are when selling a home — especially in the competitive world of Corvallis real estate. The more you can enhance the curb appeal of your property, the more you can impress and attract potential buyers.

First, evaluate your home’s exterior and identify any areas to improve. This can include simple things like lawn care or the addition of bright flowers and fresh plants. If you want to get more involved, your approach might include repainting the front door or, if so inclined, the entire exterior of your property.

Also important is washing the windows and maintaining a clean, aesthetically pleasing entryway. Together, these little details culminate in an inviting atmosphere, establishing a positive impression that sets the tone for the rest of the tour.

3. Set the stage in the interior

Staging your home will present it in the best possible light and maximize its level of appeal. Decluttering is an essential aspect of the staging process. Every prospective buyer entering your space should easily be able to envision themselves living there. Help achieve this by decluttering and depersonalizing your home. First, relocate personal items, including family photos, knick-knacks, and children's toys. As much as possible, empty out all closets, storage areas, cabinets, and anything cramped or cluttered, to demonstrate your space's full potential.

An environment emptied of one's personal effects encourages potential buyers to notice your home's unique features and architectural details. Even more, it allows them to envision their belongings, furniture, and family living within your home. Proper and thorough cleaning is a truly indispensable tool.

Next, evaluate your existing furniture and consider rearranging it to cater to the broadest range of homebuyers. You make your home feel more open and spacious by removing any oversized or unnecessary items and furniture that might clutter up your space.

Neutral colors and an understated, cohesive style are best, as this aesthetic is geared toward impressing a wider audience, inviting buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. Consider incorporating tasteful accessories and decorations to beautify the space further. You can even enlist professional home stagers to perfect your home's presentation for maximum appeal.

4. Have high-quality photographs and videos taken

In today's digital world, where images are king, high-quality photographs of your home are enormously helpful. The more striking your listing images are, the greater the interest in your property.

A professional photographer will bring out the best of your home, capturing its essence and highlighting its best features. Top-quality photography reliably expands interest in a property. For example, photos featuring optimized lighting will have the edge over a listing with drab, too-dark images. A professional photographer may also offer videography services, providing potential buyers with a convenient virtual tour.

5. Set the right price

Determining the right price is critical when selling a home, and it deserves accurate research. Begin by analyzing the real estate market of homes for sale in Corvallis, particularly by evaluating recent sales data concerning similarly sized and priced homes. Hiring an appraiser will ensure helpful insights into the actual market value of your home, as will consulting with an experienced, reputable real estate agent.

In general, assigning your home an excessively high price can scare off potential buyers, while pricing it too low will forfeit financial gain and potentially invite less-serious potential buyers. For these reasons, it is essential to strike a balance reflecting your home's value and the actual market conditions. A competitive price spurs interest, attracts buyers, and eventuates a sale.

6. Market your home effectively

Successful marketing strategies will also ensure that your home receives the attention and offers it deserves. Employing traditional methods like yard signs, newspaper ads, and word-of-mouth can be effective tactics.

In addition, online marketing strategies will significantly expand the pool of interested buyers. As mentioned above — particularly for online marketing — enlist a professional photographer to benefit from high-quality photos and videos. Whether undertaken on your own or with the help of an agent, optimize your listing description and utilize popular real estate websites. Further, you can use social media to advertise your home to a broad audience.

7. Don’t stress about selling

While it might seem minor, if you have lived in your home for many years, you likely have a deep connection with it. Thus, selling your property can be an emotional experience. Despite sentimental attachments, it is valuable to approach the sale of your home with a cool head and think of it purely as a business transaction. After all, your home is an investment that you are capitalizing on. An all-business mindset encourages objective decision-making, successful negotiation, and optimal results.

Work with a quality agent

The most important thing to prioritize when preparing to sell your home is securing the help of an expert, trusted advisor. Principal Broker Debbie Brand is well-versed in helping homeowners at every stage of their selling journey. Debbie holds Certified Residential Specialist and Senior Real Estate Specialist designations and has lived in the region for 40-plus years, giving her extensive insight and knowledge of the area. So, when you’re ready to prepare your Corvallis, Oregon, home for sale, contact Debbie Brand to get results!

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