1. Hire a Realtor®

Selling your home is stressful enough without worrying about who is inside your home when you’re away. A REALTOR will assess prospects and schedule viewings for you. Most agents these days use the Centralized Showing Service, which not only makes scheduling appointments much easier but also logs who is visiting your home and when.

2. Put Away Valuables

While some items are obvious, like jewelry, there are some items valuable to thieves that you may not consider. Things such as gaming systems, electronics, and even expensive alcohol can sometimes be overlooked by sellers. However, one of the most dangerous things to overlook is information. Mail left forgotten on your kitchen counter, can give thieves access to sensitive information, like bank statements. Internet password books, financial documents… etc. can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. Make sure not to forget the value of these kinds of items.

3. Remove Prescription Drugs

This is another item of value that is often overlooked. Real estate professionals are reporting more and more that sellers’ prescription drugs are being taken during open houses.

4. Remove Family Photos

This is something that is recommended for staging however it can be a matter of safety as well. You don’t know who will be walking through your home. Though the likelihood is small, pictures of your wife, children, and loved ones could be a possible trigger for a predator. Be safe rather than sorry and hide your pictures.

5. Be Wary of Unexpected Visitors

Though most people will schedule a visit through an agent sometimes people might stop by unannounced. When this happens it’s best not to let them past the front door. An agent has not vetted them most likely and their visit is not being recorded. Ask them to call your agent and schedule a visit. Going through the official channels can give you peace of mind and an extra safety net.

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